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Welcome to! As the site grows, I hope it will be a complete guide to GSA search engine ranker. I just started the site so it definitely isn’t where I want it to be yet, but I am adding content to it every day.

Right now there are four sections. The first one is the basics. What I did, is I went through GSA SER and jotted down every setting and option that I thought was important to understand to comfortably use the program to build links in any way that you want to. In this section you will find a video tutorial plus blog post that shows you everything you need to know about each option. If you want to get a comprehensive understanding of SER, this is where you should start.

Under example projects you will find a couple of the projects that I use most often. I describe how to set up a project to link to your money site, and I also show how to set up a project as a tiered link building campaign. Setting up this software to do any kind of link building is extremely simple. Most of the time you can make drastic changes to your campaign in just a few clicks. If you’re not sure how to set up a project, or you want to see an example project that I use with great results in real life, than this is the section for you.

Next we come to the content section. I am going to produce reviews and tutorials of all of the major content generation software. Right now I only have Kontent Machine. I will be adding wicked article creator, auto content writer and SEO content machine at the very least. You can expect those comprehensive tutorials to appear shortly.

After viewing the previous three sections, you are going to know all of the important settings and options in GSA SER. You’ll understand how to set up projects effectively and correctly, and you be pulling in content into your projects in a matter of minutes. The only thing that’s left to talk about is how to collect target URLs.

And that’s exactly what we talk about in the scraping section. SER does have the ability to use the search engines, and some other methods, to collect target URLs to post to. In my experience though, using an external scraping program like Hrefer, scrapebox, or Gscraper is a much faster way to get this job done.

You can collect multiple millions of URLs per day, while at the same time letting search engine ranker post 24 hours a day. When you consider how fast these external scrapers are when properly set up, there really is no reason to use SER itself for scraping. I have already posted a basic scraping tutorial that covers all three of the scraping tools I mentioned in this paragraph.

1/26/14 Update: Added a quick start guide to the menu. If you are new to the program and want to get up and running ASAP, this guide will show you how to do so as fast as possible.

1/27/14 Update: Added a guide on how to build some of the highest quality links possible.

2/7/14 Update: New article for the content generator section, this time it’s for WAC.

5/23/14 Update: Just posted some info and reviews for my updated scraping guide. A bunch of new ideas, info, and technique are shared, along with all the original content.

6/20/14 Update: I just posted a new article about using a RAMDisk to improve the performance of SER.

Stay tuned, because I have a lot of exciting content planned for the future!

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    where can i get the videos teaching how to use Gscraper with gsa? also does it teach how to scrape to make sure it only works with gsa CB as well for captchas?

  • how do you set it so you can post to Edu/Gov sites in the bad word list? I heard there is a code you put in like !edu. But how do you set it up in the list as in !Edu press enter or !Edu, !Gov press enter? thanks

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